Welcome to St. Wendelin Parish

In July of 2022 we celebrated 10 years that St. Wendelin Parish has been reopened and been a vibrant part of this wonderful Duck Island / Tremont neighborhood.  We’ve grown, we’ve gotten stronger together and we take great pride in our faith, our heritage, our beautiful church and our blessed church grounds.

Come! Join Us!

Visit us at mass during the week on Monday, Tuesday and Friday for a more intimate prayer experience. Our Saturday Vigil mass brings people from all over town to begin their Saturday evening with mass and then to enjoy dinner at one of the famous restaurants in Tremont or Ohio City.
Families join together on Sunday, bringing the little ones for Children’s Liturgy during mass on the 1st and 3rd Sundays.

Linger after mass getting to know one another, or go across the parking lot to our Parish Prayer Garden to be inspired by the sculpture of St. Wendelin and to walk the prayer labyrinth.
Come! Join us!

Fr. Robert Kropac